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Technical Specifications

  • Type Semi – Automatic External Defibrillator
  • Energy Adult: 150 Joules ; Pediatric: 50 Joules [Nominal into 50 Ω load]
  • Charge Time Less than 6 to 9 seconds
  • Voice Prompts Extensive voice prompts guide user through operation of the unit and CPR
  • CPR Pacing Metronome
  • Controls Lighted On/Off button Lighted Shock button
  • Indicators “check pads” “do not touch patient” analyzing” AED Status LED
Model No. DDU 100A
Defibrillation / Monitoring Pads
  • Model Adult — DDP—100 ; Child/Infant — DDP—200P
  • Type Pre-connected, single-use, non-polarized, disposable, self-adhesive electrodes with cable and connector
  • Surface Area 103 cm2 [nominal, each pad] 50 cm2 [nominal each pad]
  • Pad Placement Adult — Anterior/Anterior Child/Infant —Anterior/Posterior
  • Cable Length [typical] 48″ [122 cm]
Event Documentation
  • Internal Event Record Critical ECG segments and – Easy and Convenient operation rescue event parameters are recorded and can be High-fidelity, crystal clear sound downloaded to a removable data card
  • Earphone and speaker are feasible
  • PC-based Event Review ECG with event tag display, and audio when available
  • Removable Storage {optional} Up to 12 hours of ECG and event data storage [no audio optional or up to 2 hours of audio, ECG and event storage (audio option) on a removable data card. Actual length of storage is dependent on card capacity
Patient Analysis System
  • Patient Analysis Automatically evaluates patient impedance for proper pad contact. Monitors signal quality and analyzes patient ECG for shockable/non-shockable rhythms
  • Sensitivity/specificity Meets AAMI—DF—39 specifications and AHA recommendations
Battery Pack
  • Power 15V, 2800 mAh/1400mAh
  • Capacity 300 shocks or 16 hours continuous operation**
  • Standby Life 7 or 5 years
  • Type Lithium / Manganese Dioxide Disposable, recyclable, non-rechargeable
  • Low Battery Indicators Visible Audible
Self Tests
  • Automatic Automatic daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly circuitry tests
  • Battery Insertion System integrity test
  • Pad Presence Pads pre-connected tested daily
  • User-Initiated Unit and battery pack system test may also be initiated by the user
  • Status Indication Visual and audible indication of unit status
  • Size : 8.5×11.8×2.7inches
  • Weight : Approximate [With 4.4lbs / 12.0 kg]
  • Upgradable to Fully Automatic External Defibrillator